Javier Solis

1 minute read

In this video I discuss transforming an Odroid-H2 into a home network attached storage device using FreeNAS. FreeNAS is a purpose built operating system that can turn any extra PC hardware into a NAS. I needed a place to store a backup of my newly created Youtube video content so FreeNAS was the perfect fit for my Odroid-H2 . The build consists of an Odriod-H2, an NVMe drive, 2 SATA SSD drives, and an emmc storage card. I also created a link aggregation between the two gigabit interfaces on the Odroid-H2 back to an Extreme Networks x440g2 12 port switch. I also provide details on the build and some instructions on how to get FreeNAS configured in the video.

FreeNAS ODROID H2 Home Build

YouTube FreeNAS ODROID H2 Home Build Video

Enjoy building your own home FreeNAS Network Attached Storage device,