Javier Solis

1 minute read

FreeNAS ODROID H2 Home Build

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In this video I discuss transforming an Odroid-H2 into a home network attached storage device using FreeNAS. FreeNAS is a purpose built operating system that can turn any extra PC hardware into a NAS. I needed a place to store a backup of my newly created Youtube video content so FreeNAS was the perfect fit for my Odroid-H2 . The build consists of an Odriod-H2, an NVMe drive, 2 SATA SSD drives, and an emmc storage card. I also created a link aggregation between the two gigabit interfaces on the Odroid-H2 back to an Extreme Networks x440g2 12 port switch. I also provide details on the build and some instructions on how to get FreeNAS configured in the video.

Enjoy building your own home FreeNAS Network Attached Storage device,